GEDC Is Industry Leader:

Our founders were among the pioneers of educating medical and dental professionals. We have one of the largest databases in the Middle East and a very wide network with the renowned international speakers for all medical and dental specialties.

The Quality Of Our Educational Programs Is Unparalleled:

We are always eager to cover the latest information and techniques in order to match the improvement wheel. We have the most rigorous standards for our speakers and lecturers. you can always be assured of the exemplary and consistent standard of our highly organised programs .

Gold Standard Of Accreditation Program:

Our programs are certified from the authorised accreditation entities with the highest number of CME credit hours earned throw our precise programs .

On Going Support And Information:

Our network that includes thousands of professional colleagues and speakers offers a dynamic hub of resources available to support your ongoing development.

What We Offer

Certified programs from the authorized accreditation entities.

Medical and Dental Professional trainings covering theoretical and practical skills.

Human development programs (Soft skills, marketing skills, management, etc)

Conferences and Gatherings organizing through a very wide channel of partners.

Individuals Improvements through Interpersonal Skill Building.

International renowned speakers to deliver the best knowledge..

Leadership Development and Professional Skill Building.

Effective Communication by sharing experiences in groups’ workshops.

The “know-how” for improving human capital, guiding employees, and creating cohesive teams that performs at their highest potential.