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How to start

Working with the right sequence can have a profound impact both on your time, success and fulfillment. You might want to consider the following criteria in your course selection and registration procedure:

Determine your need

Articulate clearly what you are looking for so you can find your match easier.

Find your Course

Using the “Course Calendar” page you can search and view all the available and planned courses with detailed information about each activity, including: course outline, speaker, credit hours, etc

  • • Fostering learning in the theory and practice of personal and professional development.
  • • Partnering and learning with other organizations and groups worldwide.

Create your account

through the “Rigester” page, you can create your own account as a work station for you that will include all your previous courses and continuous updates for all upcoming activities. This is a “one-time” registration that can significantly reduce your check in time whenever you want to register for any future course. Make sure to upload accurate information in order to receive all the updates, promotions and news for our programs.