Our Vision

Our vision is empowering people to create skilled and proficient organizations and societies in an interdependent world.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to advance and develop the skills of individuals, groups and organizations in the world. We do this through:

  • • Fostering learning in the theory and practice of personal and professional development.
  • • Partnering and learning with other organizations and groups worldwide.

Our Values

GEDC is a community of members and staff guided by the following values:

  • • Creating opportunity for all people to develop their required skills.
  • • Creation and dissemination of new knowledge and practice.
  • • Diversity; by enhancing both theoretical and practical aspects.
  • • Continuous learning
  • • Colleagueship and Service
  • • Organizational excellence and quality

What We Offer

Certified programs from the authorized accreditation entities.

Medical and Dental Professional trainings covering theoretical and practical skills.

Human development programs (Soft skills, marketing skills, management, etc)

Conferences and Gatherings organizing through a very wide channel of partners.

Individuals Improvements through Interpersonal Skill Building.

International renowned speakers to deliver the best knowledge.

Leadership Development and Professional Skill Building.

Effective Communication by sharing experiences in groups’ workshops.

The “know-how” for improving human capital, guiding employees, and creating cohesive teams that performs at their highest potential.